The Waterford Republican Town Committee (WRTC) is a political organization consisting of elected people, and community residents whose main objectives focus on winning elections at local, state, and national levels. But, while Election Day activity is just that, a day-long series of events, the planning that precedes it is, and it has to be an ongoing year-round process.

As with any organization, the keys to its success are the Chairman, Vice Chairman other officers, and an active, involved membership. The Waterford Republican Town Committee provides the foundation on which the state and national party organizations build.  If the WRTC produces winning Republican candidates, the chances of Republican candidates winning on the state and national levels are significantly increased. The Connecticut Republican Party depends on each of its 169 Town Committee’s to recruit  the best and most qualified candidates for higher office.


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About Waterford Republican Town Committee

Giving back - Let your voice be heard

At Waterford Republican Town Committee, Chairperson, State Representative Kathleen McCarty, and her team of volunteers believe that that true success is about more than growing the WRTC membership but its about empowering the residents of the Town of Waterford to know that their voice does count. 

This top-notch group of professionals devotes countless hours each year to issues that benefit Waterford's diverse population.  The Waterford Republican Town Committee is committed not just to improving the quality of life for the Waterford residents, but to making America a better place to live.